72 SQ FT - 160 SQ FT
72 SQ FT - 160 SQ FT
160 SQ FT - 320 SQ FT


Before you decide which storage company to choose  to store your belongings with it is always best to visit the premises of any storage company to get a feel of what they are like and most of all to see exactly how much space you will want or need. You may have an idea that say for example a 20FT shipping container is the best option but when you see how big it actually is you may decide that a slightly smaller unit would be more appropriate say 130SQFT warehouse room or an 80SQFT warehouse room may not only be more adequate in size but also better for your budget constraints.

When you have decided to use us as your Storage Company, it’s again a  good idea to have a think about what size of unit best meets your requirements and to speak to a member of our staff and management team who have a lot of experience in dealing with a wide variety of requirements. They know what works and what doesn’t and can offer advice on making the most of your storage space.


There are a number of ways you can prepare your belongings to make storage both more economical and compact. You probably already have an idea as to what items you would like to store. It pays to do a little extra sorting and taking a look through possible forgotten areas such as cupboards, garages, sheds etc.

When doing this take stock of what you have in these areas and decide whether any of these items are worth keeping or something that should be disposed of either by selling it, throwing it away or donating it to charity. After you have sorted through your belongings in this way step back and see what you have left. It may be worth doing some more sorting at this stage before finaly choosing what is to go into storage.


Now that you have made a final decision on what is going items are going into storage we suggest in the interest of you being able to find your belongings at ease that you pack them into boxes and label them clearly. Good labelling at this point can save a lot of time and effort later when trying to find something, so be sure to take a little time to do this properly. How you pack your items will inevitably impact on the size of storage unit you will require. Smaller boxes will stack up differently than larger boxes.  

You should consider how manageable the box would be, will it be heavy, can it be stacked and will it be able to have other boxes placed on top of it. You can take advantage of your storage unit height by stacking as many boxes as possible. You can further protect your items by packing well e.g. packing books flat will protect their spines. Books can quickly fill a large box and become quite heavy so consider using a smaller box to make them more manageable.

When placing your boxes in storage be sure to place the bigger boxes at the back of the unit as this enables you easier access and helps to utilize the space within your unit. We can offer temporary shelfing as well if and when you require it.

Another great self-storage idea is to make a list of every item in your unit and the box number it is residing in. keep this list pinned to the inside wall of your unit as you enter for quick and easy reference when searching for a particular item.


In our experience when following some of the recommendations we have listed we have found customers have indeed over estimated how much room they actually need and have saved money by doing so. Typically in the table below is what we believe in our experience to be an accurate assessment of the kind of unit you will likely need based on the size of your home. 

However this table is just what we have found in most instances it is not however in no means a set quote from us only you the customer can truly know how much storage space you require.  Please feel free to visit our site and have a look before you decide on renting with us. Our address and contact details are listed below in the contact us link.

Storage Recommendations In Motherwell